Episode 1

Good Evening, Chasse Rehwinkel! ft. Maggie Winters and Ronnie Malley

With a week before the Primary, Pat discusses the Bring Chicago Home referendum and the finer points of community banking with City Comptroller Chasse Rehwinkel. 

Maggie Winters shows off her sweater, and Ronnie Malley regales us with the history behind the Oud. Brought to you by Vitamin Water (kind of), and sponsored by Harebrained Chicago.

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13:58 - Maggie Winters, Comedian

27:08 - Ronnie Malley, Musician

38:47 - Chasse Rehwinkle, City of Chicago Comptroller

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Live Show Produced by Wes Needham and Pat Whalen

Podcast Produced by Princess Sims in partnership with Retriever

Sound Mix by Dane Dickmann

Artwork by Chance Bone

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